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One Way Left Sign

The One Way Left Sign meets the standards set forth by MUTCD concerning traffic and pedestrian safety protocols. It serves as a valuable asset in safeguarding the well-being of both drivers and pedestrians utilizing public or private roads and parking areas.
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Children at Play Signs

The Children at Play Signs often feature a yellow or fluorescent green background with black lettering and symbols. They may include the words "CHILDREN AT PLAY" or "SLOW, CHILDREN" along with an image of playing children or a child crossing the street.
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Private Road Signs

Private Road Signs typically feature a white rectangular or square sign with a red border, along with the words "PRIVATE ROAD" written in bold black letters. The signs are usually placed at the entrance of the private road to ensure maximum visibility to approaching vehicles and pedestrians.
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Regulatory Parking Signs

The Regulatory Parking Signs typically feature a rectangular shape with a white background and black lettering or symbols. They may also include additional colors or symbols to convey specific parking rules. These signs are usually placed in areas where parking is subject to certain restrictions or conditions.
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Roundabout Signs

Compliant with MUTCD guidelines, the Roundabout Circulation Sign ensures that drivers understand the correct flow of traffic within the roundabout. The sign's design typically includes directional arrows and clear symbols, guiding drivers to navigate the circular intersection safely and efficiently.
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Speed Limit Signs

Speed Limit Signs typically feature a white rectangular sign with black lettering, displaying the designated speed limit in miles per hour (mph) or kilometers per hour (km/h). The signs are strategically placed along roads and highways to ensure drivers are aware of the speed restrictions and can adjust their driving accordingly.
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Flat Blade Street Signs

Flat Blade Street Signs refer to a specific type of traffic sign that has a flat, rectangular shape with a smooth surface. These signs are commonly used to display various traffic information, including street names, speed limits, regulatory instructions, and directional guidance.
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Lane Control Signs

The Lane Control Signs typically feature a rectangular shape with white or yellow background and black lettering or symbols. They may include arrows, symbols, or words to direct drivers to use specific lanes for turning, merging, or exiting.
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Custom Traffic Signs

Q: Why do we need customized traffic signs?

A: Customized traffic signs can meet the specific needs of particular roads, traffic environments, or locations, ensuring that the signs match the surrounding environment and convey accurate traffic information.

Q: What are the advantages of customized traffic signs?

A: Customized traffic signs can be designed according to requirements, including size, shape, color, text, and graphics, to ensure they are well-suited for specific road and traffic demands.

Q: How long does it take to customize traffic signs?

A: The time required for customizing traffic signs depends on various factors, including design complexity, production processes, and quantity. Generally, we aim to complete the production as soon as possible once we reach an agreement with the customer.

Q: Can I use my own logos and text on the signs?

A: Yes, customization allows you to use custom text, graphics, and logos on the signs to meet specific road guidance or warning requirements.

Q: How is the cost determined for customized traffic signs?

A: The cost of customized traffic signs varies based on factors such as sign size, materials, design complexity, and quantity. You can contact us to obtain a price quote.

Q: Can I choose different materials and reflective treatments?

A: Certainly, you can select different materials such as aluminum, aluminum composite panels, plastic, and various reflective treatments to adapt to different road and environmental conditions.

Q: What is the process for customizing traffic signs?

A: The typical customization process includes communication with the manufacturer, design confirmation, production, quality inspection, and delivery stages.